Best States for Veterinarians

Do you live in one of the 25 best states for veterinarians?
Kerry Lengyel
Published: April 10, 2017
Where you live can make all the difference when it comes to finding a great job in the veterinary field. Some states offer higher wages for veterinarians, some states offer more opportunity, and other states just have it all.  
Financial news website Insider Monkey compiled a list of the 25 best states for veterinarians to call home. The list takes into account the total number of veterinarians working in each state (in private practice and other areas), the average veterinarian salary per state (both from the Bureau of Labor Statistics) and the cost of living in each state (data from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center). These data were then averaged to come up with the a list of the top 25 states for veterinarians.

Of the states that made the list, New Jersey offers the highest annual wage for veterinarians and Connecticut has the highest cost of living. The state with the most working veterinarians? Texas. Note that the following list mentions how many veterinarians work in some states, but other states did not have this information available.

Where does your state fit in?

25. Tennessee
  • Cost of living index: 89.8
  • Average annual wage: $84,500
  • Hourly wage: $40.62
  • More than 1,300 veterinarians work in Tennessee
24. Utah
  • Cost of living index: 92.8
  • Average annual wage: $87,410
  • Hourly wage: $42.02
  • More than 390 veterinarians work in Utah
23. Arizona
  • Cost of living index: 98.1
  • Average annual wage: $92,700
  • Hourly wage: $44.56
  • More than 1,450 veterinarians work in Arizona
22. Georgia
  • Cost of living index: 91.4
  • Average annual wage: $86,440
  • Hourly wage: $41.55
  • More than 2,040 veterinarians work in Georgia
21. Ohio
  • Cost of living index: 93
  • Average annual wage: $88,490 
  • Hourly wage: $42.54
  • More than 2,470 veterinarians work in Ohio
20. Kentucky
  • Cost of living index: 90.8
  • Average annual wage: $86,920
  • Hourly wage: $41.78
  • More than 940 veterinarians work in Kentucky
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