Pet Insurance Provider, The Veterinary Cooperative Join Forces

A new partnership between Crum & Forster and The Veterinary Cooperative aims to advance the shared industry mission of insuring more pets.
Kerry Lengyel
Published: March 09, 2018
Most veterinary professionals believe in the value of pet insurance, yet few pet owners have made the leap. Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group, the provider of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, and The Veterinary Cooperative (TVC), a community of 3,000 independent veterinary hospitals, have teamed up to increase the number of insured pets around the country.

Through this partnership, every TVC client will have access to several benefits, including insurance coverage for exam fees for certain conditions, diagnostics, treatments, alternative therapies and more.

“With pet health insurance, TVC clinic clients can worry less about cost and focus on their pet’s care,” TVC President Allison Morris said. “This helps make it easier to provide great care for pets.”

TVC was started by four veterinarians who wanted to “level the playing field” when it comes to pricing, marketing and other business components for independent veterinary practices. The cooperative’s mission is to help veterinary hospitals struggling to keep up with the more corporatized hospitals, big box stores and pharmacies.

“TVC is a leader in this space and we’re proud to be able to partner with them,” said Gina Fortunato, assistant vice president of veterinary field services for Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group.

With a goal of growing to 5,000 independent animal hospitals, TVC has its sights set on having sales and purchasing power equal or greater than the corporate competitors — and this partnership brings the group one step forward.

With the veterinary business undergoing consolidation and encroachment, TVC strives to help the independent practitioner reach profitability. “Today you may see the veterinary practice down the street as your competitor,” TVC writes on its website. “The reality is, soon you will see them as your partner.”

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