Most Pet-friendly Cities of 2018

Some cities promote pet health and wellness, others boast the lowest pet budget, and some put outdoor pet-friendliness above all else. Here are the top 10 most pet-friendly cities this year.
Kerry Lengyel
Published: August 07, 2018
Every year, Wallethub, a website that offers free credit scores and reports, releases their rankings of what they believe are the most pet-friendly cities in the country.

In determining top towns, analysts compare the 100 largest U.S. cities with regard to pet budget (e.g., veterinary care costs and canine pet insurance premiums), pet health and wellness (e.g., veterinarians and pet-friendly restaurants per capita), and outdoor pet-friendliness (e.g., dog parks and dog shows per capita).

Compared with last year’s rankings, the top spots this year were taken by most of the same cities—with a few newcomers and exceptions.

See where your city ranked.

10. Irvine, California

A newcomer to the list this year, Irvine snagged a spot due to its solid rankings for overall pet health and wellness (No. 5) and overall outdoor pet-friendliness (No. 5).

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

The city of lights moved up 1 spot on the list this year. Las Vegas ranked No. 4 for the most veterinarians per capita and tied for No. 1 for the most pet businesses and the most dog parks per capita.

8. Seattle, Washington

Another newcomer to the top 10 list this year, Seattle also tied for No. 1 for the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita.

7. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati also moved up 1 spot on the list this year. This is due in part to its extremely low pet budget—the city ranked No. 4 overall in that category.

6. Tampa, Florida

Sadly, Tampa dropped on the list this year from its No. 3 spot in 2017. Even so, the city ranked high in some areas, including the most veterinarians per capita (No. 5).

5. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix also backtracked this year, down 3 spots from the previous year.  While its overall rankings are lacking, the city does rank No. 3 for the most animal shelters per capita.

4. Austin, Texas

Texas’ capital jumped up 3 spots on the list this year. Austin ranked No. 2 for the best overall pet health and wellness and tied for No. 1 for the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita.

3. San Diego, California

San Diego’s slight bump up from No. 4 on the list last year can be attributed to its number of dog-friendly restaurants (tied for No. 1), pet businesses (tied for No. 1), and animal shelters (ranked No. 2) per capita.

2. Orlando, Florida

Last year, Orlando snagged the No. 5 spot. But with its increase in the number of veterinarians per capita (ranked No. 3) and its number of dog-friendly restaurants per capita (tied for No. 1), the city climbed quickly in the ranks this year.

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, the reigning champ, remains in the No. 1 spot for 2018. Although its pet budget is on the higher side—Scottsdale is tied with Chicago, Illinois for the highest dog insurance premium—its No. 1 ranking for overall pet health and wellness and No. 4 ranking for overall outdoor pet-friendliness outweigh that fact.

For the full list of rankings, visit the Wallethub website.

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