What's in a Name? Animals, of Course!

Celebrities aren’t the only ones choosing — ahem — unique names for their babies. Here we present the top animal-related names given to newborns in 2016.
Kerry Lengyel
Published: December 06, 2017
Celebrities are notorious for naming their children after inanimate objects, like Holly Madison’s daughter Rainbow; food, like Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple; and even animals, like Busy Philipps’s daughter Cricket. But celebrities aren’t the only one’s choosing nontraditional names for their offspring.

According to Social Security Administration data, 27 animal-related names were written on birth certificates in 2016 — some were shared both male and female infants.

What animal name was bestowed on the most babies last year? Here are the top animal-related names given to girl and boy newborns in 2016.

Boy Names

Colt: 1,023 boys
Jay: 800 boys
Fox: 323 boys
Bear: 186 boys
Robin: 169 boys
Wren: 87 boys
Wolf: 67 boys
Hawk: 52 boys
Raven: 39 boys
Buck: 37 boys
Tiger: 27 boys
Falcon: 21 boys
Lion: 18 boys
Lynx: 12 boys
Newt: 12 boys
Sparrow: nine boys
Pike: nine boys
Finch: eight boys
Heron: eight boys
Lark: seven boys

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